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Empowering attorneys with a comprehensive video litigation support platform to digitally record testimonies, capture witness preparation sessions, and produce trial practice videos to enhance your trial readiness and outcomes.

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Video Platform Highlights


Automated Video Recording

Highly automated recording tools to quickly capture any live meeting with the touch of a button. A seamless and straightforward method to capture from one or several video cameras, including digital or physical exhibits, along crystal-clear 360-degree audio to produce multi-media video content on-demand.


Multi-Camera Recording

Capture from multiple video camera angles to produce a unique multi-perspective video recording of the witness or expert. Record the body language and expressions from various angles, and optionally record other individuals in the room to strengthen the video evidence.


Exhibit Recording

Video record physical and digital exhibits that are introduced by the attorney in real-time to create an enhanced picture-in-picture video recording to displays body and verbal responses along with exhibit introduction in real-time.


Automated Transcription Service

Every recording automatically produces a rough draft transcript of every spoken word in the video within a few minutes of ending. Transcripts can also be processed for human-verified transcription with a 1-2 day turnaround time.


Interactive Transcripts

Advance interactive transcript player that synchronizes the video timeline to the transcript. Interact with simple tools to rapidly search and discover any spoken moment, highlight and save portions of the transcript, and quickly clip any part of the video transcript.


Live Remote Monitoring

Create a stress-free environment during testimony by allowing additional attorneys or legal staff to watch a live broadcast of the meeting remotely — simple tools to produce and share a secure remote stream with anyone in the office.


One-Touch Recording

Control recordings with a sleek and straightforward conference table control pad for anyone to quickly start, pause, stop, and observe live video recordings with a touch of a button.


Centralized Video Management

One secure location to quickly access every video with simple tools to search, discover, play, edit, and share video in a few clicks — it's like a private youtube for your practice.


Rapid Video Clipping

Produce new video evidence from any recording by searching, highlighting, and exporting the winning moments into a new video clip to present during the trial.

Your Private HD Video Library

  • An all-in-one video platform to record, store, transcribe, and stream all of your depositions, expert interviews, arbitrations, & trial practice and more securely on your local network in HD.
  • Centrally manage, organize, index, and stream every video recording from one central location. Trial management and research are at your fingertips with simplified searching and filtering to quickly find content.
  • Search for any spoken word in the video to rapidly discover the part of the video recording that matters the most to you. The interactive transcript allows you to search, play, highlight, and save portions of the video transcript.
  • Produce engaging picture-in-picture video exhibits of every camera angle along with simple tools to quickly create video segments of the best parts to present in the trial.

Legal Video Use Cases


Video Testimony

Show impact, injury, and emotion of your critical cases using multiple video camera perspectives.


Expert Interviews

Capture experts at their best with multi-media video to capture their invaluable subject matter testimony along with critical visual evidence from a computer.


Trial Practice & Strategy

Rehearse and discover additional viewpoints in your trial practice strategy with quick searchable video to accelerate your readiness for trial.


Witness Preparation

Capture the voice, body language, and vocabulary of a witness to discover non-verbal and verbal behaviors to help refine a more persuasive and credible testimony.

Searchable Video With Interactive Transcripts

Enhance trial preparation and research by using an interactive video transcript to rapidly search, highlight, and watch the essential parts of the video. Just click on any word to instantly playback that part of the video. The transcript provides a simple way to seek, read, and save the best parts of a video transcript to help build your case faster.

Quickly produce new video exhibits in just a few clicks. The video "editing" process feels seamless and is in line with the transcript. With a click of a button, your saved transcript highlights are synced with the video recording to automatically clip, stitch, and export each segment into a newly 'edited" video stored in the library. The original remains untouched, allowing you to make multiple edits effortlessly.

Why CaptureCast Legal


Save Time

Lightning-fast and straightforward platform to capture, store, seek, and discover critical parts that matter most in your trial, saving you countless hours in pre-trial management and research.


Save Money

Cut the cost of your depositions by self-recording the meeting with quick HD video and time-synced video transcripts produced at a fraction of the price charged by an outsourced agency.


Enhanced Trial Strategy & Outcomes

A private video library to capture, index, search and stream video of all your critical meetings for testimonies and legal affairs, expert interviews, witness prep sessions, and trial practice sessions.



What is the turnaround time to view recordings?

Immediate. All recordings are digitized, transcribed, and stored in the video library for instant streaming, no waiting.


What is the turnaround time to complete a video to text transcript with synchronization?

It takes anywhere from 1-5 minutes for trained computer-generated transcripts, or 1-2 business days to produce an accurate human-verified transcript.


Can you install all the necessary equipment?

Yes, the platform comes with audio and visual installation to ensure a robust, picture-perfect video recording solution.


What is covered after I purchase it?

Everything, including the audio-video equipment, installation, and the entire video platform to ensure optimal uptime for your entire team.


How many hours of video recordings can I store?

CaptureCast can store 250+ hours of video recordings, and can optionally expand to more storage as your video library grows.


Can I edit and export a recording as a new video exhibit?

Yes, you can quickly search, save, and export any part of a video transcript to produce custom clipped video evidence.


Can I search for spoken words inside my videos and across the video library?

Yes, you can search for any keyword inside a video and across the entire video library to quickly find segments of the video recording.


Can I watch videos locally on my network?

Yes, the videos are stored and streamed locally and accessed using a modern web browser on your private network.

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